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We at Bristol Beer Factory sometimes drink cider. We are passionate beer drinkers, advocates and producers first of all but we do also like a drop of cider; we are in Bristol after all!

As a 15-strong team here, we shared our thoughts on good local producers and ciders and it soon became clear that, though many of us had been impressed with some stronger, local products in bottle, we felt like there was a gaping hole in our cider-drinking landscape where a top-quality, affordable draught cider should be; specifically, one that spoke of the unique spirit of Bristol and would be consumed only on draught where it could be enjoyed in great local pubs. We also discussed a general tendency towards medium in typical draught cider and that we wanted to drink a medium dry cider with the accent on the dry rather than on the medium. An idea was born…

We approached a cider producer who shares a lot of our ethos and all of our passion - independent, family-run cider makers, Westons Cider - and asked them to come up with a range of medium dry blends we could try. We then took a group of cider drinkers from Bristol to the orchards and between us we decided on the blend that was right for us.

12 months on from the initial idea, after numerous, enjoyable tasting sessions, this December we are proud and excited to introduce a new medium dry, sparkling cider at 4.8% ABV, made with 100% British apples, developed exclusively for Bristol Beer Factory by Westons.

Say hello to North St Cider!

This is a brand new, bespoke cider, designed by Bristolian cider drinkers for local cider drinkers. Although we aren’t making this cider, this is a cider that comes from us with the same passion and care that we have for our beers and with our uncompromising standards of quality and consistency.

The cider will be pouring at a dozen or so of the very best pubs in the area from mid-December and we hope you love it as much as we do.

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North St Cider will be available from Bristol Beer Factory, get in touch with our Sales Team either by phone on 0117 902 6317 or by email on


To get a taste of it before anyone else and to find out what it's all about and why we're doing it, come along to our launch party at the BBF Tap Room at 6-9pm on Thursday 7th December 2017.

Check out the Facebook event page here.

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