All the info on how you can get epic BBF brews direct to your door. Welcome to beer heaven, shipped fast and with a huge big ups from team BBF. Thank you for shopping independent.

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Can I send beers as a gift?

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Of course. You can even add a gift message in the comments box at checkout.

We will handwrite your message onto a postcard to include with the case of beers. Please keep it brief - a couple of lines at most!

BBF beers come in an awesome branded box. You can request plain packaging if you need to keep the delivery secret.

We go paperless where we can, so you won't find any prices or invoices inside.

Can I leave delivery instructions?

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Yes, either at checkout, or email us at shop@bristolbeerfactory.co.uk.

If you are using Local Delivery, you can enter delivery notes along with the shipping details - do not use the express checkout in this instance. Our independent couriers will be able to contact you if they have any problem locating the address or if you are not in to receive your parcel.

If you are using UK Free Delivery or Next Working Day (for nationwide deliveries) then you will receive automated delivery updates and a tracking link from DPD. If you are not at home, you are then able to name a safe place, trusted neighbour, or local shop to pick-up.

When will you send my order?

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Please see our delivery page for all the info on deliveries and collections. Orders after 12pm are dispatched the following working day. No orders are dispatched on weekends or Bank Holidays.

Where is my order?

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If you're wondering when your order will be delivered give us a shout on shop@bristolbeerfactory.co.uk or 07432 515934 and we can find out for you.

Can I get a refund?

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Undamaged items can be returned to the BBF Tap Room and refunded within 14 days of purchase. If anything is broken in transit you have the right to refuse delivery, alternatively please contact us and we will arrange for the item to be collected.

Refunds will be made to your original method of payment as soon as you let us know but please allow 5-10 working days to receive your refund. Delivery costs will not be refunded.

If you are unhappy with your purchase please contact us on shop@bristolbeerfactory.co.uk or 07432 515934 and we will do our best to help.


I can’t find the beer I had on the website - is this everything you stock?

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All the packaged beers we have available to buy can be found here in the Shop section. Our core range are pretty much always available but we also like experimenting and brewing new specials.

We don't put everything we brew into can though, so check out the Beers We Brew pages to find out what's pouring in your local bar.

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media and email newsletter and you'll be the first to know which of your favourite beers are returning and when new ones are available.

Are your beers suitable for vegans?

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All our keg and canned beers which are lactose-free are vegan as we use vegan-friendly 'Super-F' finings during the filtration process. Any beers containing lactose are not vegan, eg. Milk Stout, Well Above Sea Level, and Clear Head.

Our cask beers are not suitable for vegans.

We try to keep our beers pages updated with all the allergen info, so check their individual listings for more info.

Are your beers gluten free?

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Yes, all our can and keg beers are gluten free! Except for Infinity, which is not yet verified.

Our cask beers currently are NOT gluten free.

Even though we use wheat and barley to make the beer, fermentation during the brewing process naturally breaks down the gluten. We also then add an enzyme which removes any extra gluten to below 20ppm (a very very very small amount).

We test this, a lot.

Do you do polykegs?

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No but we do have 36-pint bag-in-boxes and 8.5-pint mini tins of our core beers to order online. You can also buy 3-pint growlers and fill them up in the Tap Room.

There's always a good variety of brewery-fresh beers in the Tap Room for you to fill whichever receptacle you wish (provided it has a closeable lid) so pop in and bring that draft-pour feeling home with you.

I’m having a party, can I buy a cask?

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If you want a cask of beer at your party/wedding/event, we have you covered. A firkin is the name for the classic 72 pint cask like those delivered to pubs.

We recommend you have the firkin prepared ‘bright’ for you - no sediment will be left in the container, so no need to let the beer settle once in position and no-one can inadvertently shake it up and ruin it during service. A strong table or bar or bench will be great to serve from; you don’t need any fancy kit. It’s that simple. We provide the tap and spile needed to serve: it’s easy; don’t be put off. Spile, tap and drink beautiful fresh beer.

Email or call us to arrange the details – you will need to pay in advance as bright beer is done to order; we need at least 3 days’ notice; you will want to collect the beer as close to the day and time of drinking as possible for reasons of freshness and temperature. We can talk through these finer details on 0117 902 6317 or shop@bristolbeerfactory.co.uk

Smaller sizes of draught beer are available (36 pint bag in box, 18 pint bag in box or 8.5 pint mini tin).

How long will my beer stay fresh for?

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The main variables here are container, when it was opened and temperature. Here are the rules of thumb:

72 pint firkin delivered to a pub ‘sediment’ - 8 weeks unopened and stored in cool cellar; 7 days once vented with spile; 3-4 days max once spile removed and service begun

72 pint ‘bright’ firkin for party/event/wedding - Best opened and consumed within 3-4 days; if stored in a cool location (~5 degrees C), the beer will keep well unopened for up to a week, but, like a pint of milk, day 1 is best, day 2 almost as good etc. Once tapped, the beer is ideal for 6-24 hours, temperature depending; fresh is best. It will likely be ‘drinkable’ on day 2 and maybe 3 if the temperature isn’t too warm and the spile is replaced between sessions but do not plan on being able to drink beyond day 3.

Bag in box (10L or 20L) - Around 1-2 days from collection/delivery. Even more sensitive than bright beer in a firkin as oxygen is introduced in the filling process and the bag in box is more sensitive to temperature. Best consumed day of or day after you receive it and the beer will be perfect. The beer is degrading even before the first pint is poured so drink fresh day 1 or 2; you may still have pleasant beer day 3 and beyond, especially if kept at cool temperatures but don’t bank on anything beyond day 2.

8.5 pint mini tin - 2-3 weeks unopened (see best before on tin) but fresh is always best so will be perfect in its first week and still pretty good after 3 if unopened. Once opened, the beer will be perfect on that day. If the top of the tin is replaced to its starting position (stopping oxygen ingress overnight) then the beer will be almost as perfect day 2. If not then day 2 beer should be decent but less full of condition and life than day 1.


What is the minimum order? Can I buy just one can?

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You can buy individual cans in the Tap Room but if you're after delivery, you'll need to order in cases of 4 or 12 cans. If you buy three different 4 packs we will package as one case of 12.

There is no minimum order unless you want to qualify for free delivery - head on over to the shop page or check the website banner for more info.

Can I choose a mix of 12 beers?

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If you want to try a selection of beers we can send you some great mixed cases!

Try the Mixed Case for a bit of everything, the BBF Icons case for the classic beers we’re known for, or the IPA Dreams case to try some punchy numbers.

All our specials come in packs of 4. If you want to mix and match your own 12 pack, just pick 3 different packs of 4!

Where can I buy BBF beer out in the wild?

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You can find BBF beer on draft at our venues, The Arnolfini and The Barley Mow, as well as in our Tap Room - you'll find everything from merch to cans there, too.

For home delivery, head to our online Shop.

We are Bristol based so you'll always be able to find us in great independent pubs and craft beer specialists around this wonderful city. But it doesn't stop there - we supply a range of carefully selected venues and independent stockists across the UK who all love beer as much as we do. So, if you see BBF on tap when you're out and about, rest assured you've found yourself in a reputable spot for a well-deserved pint.

When you know, you know!

Do you offer discounts?

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We try to make our beers as fairly priced as possible to begin with, but sign up for our mailing list and we'll send you a 10% discount code. You'll also be first to hear about any exclusive offers.

Subscribe to regular deliveries of your favourite mixed case and save 10% every time.

Finally, if you love our beer then you'd love a Bristol Beer Club membership. Get a brewery tour, mixed case, merch, and discounts for life!

Where can I use my discount code and/or gift voucher?

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Discount codes and the BBF Online Gift Card can only be used online. You can, if you like, place an order online for 'local pick up' to collect from the Tap Room. However you will not be able to spend it directly at the Tap Room, or in any of our venues.

If you go for the Bristol Beer Club Membership, not only will you get an online discount code, but you'll also have a membership card. This is the only way to get a discount IRL at the Tap Room!


Are brewery tours up and running again?

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Tours are back! They primarily run on Tuesdays from 7pm. Book your ticket here.

You can also get a Brewery Tour gift voucher if you would like to give the experience as a gift, but let them book their own date later.

We can also arrange private tours on other weekdays, when the brewers themselves are here to show you around. Depending on party size and availability, of course.

Email us at shop@bristolbeerfactory.co.uk to make any tour-related enquiries.

I had a brewery tour booked pre-Covid. Can I rearrange?

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Yes! We're so happy to be able to have you back in the brewery, celebrating being able to make and drink beer together again.

Pop an email over to shop@bristolbeerfactory.co.uk to rearrange your booking or if you have any other tour-related questions.


How do I subscribe?

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1. Choose a case of your favourite core beer, or the mixed case you vibe with.
2. Choose how often you want it. Every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks - it's up to you.
3. Add to cart and checkout, entering your delivery and payment details.
4. No need to do anything else. We deliver it, you drink it... and repeat!

Is subscribing the same as a Bristol Beer Club membership?

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No! Subscribing is a flexible way to have regular deliveries of beers, saving you 10% every time.

The Bristol Beer Club Membership is a one-off payment of £50 for a mixed case and merchandise goodies, plus a free brewery tour, and 10% lifetime discount on all products including specials.

When will I receive my subscription?

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You choose how often you want us to send you beer - every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

We dispatch orders the next working day after the subscription payment is automatically processed. Your order will arrive via DPD Next Day Delivery.

Can I change my subscription?

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Yes! Our easy-to-use customer portal allows you to cancel, change your delivery frequency, choose a different case, change any personal details, or even skip a box if you need to.

Just head to your account.

Can I use a discount?

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It depends! Subscriptions save you 10% on every order anyway. Sometimes we send you additional exclusive discounts which can be used in conjunction with your subscription saving.

Make sure you're signed up to our mailing list to be in the loop on all our latest beers and discounts. When applicable, apply the promo code in the customer portal for extra savings.

Drop us a line if you have any questions at shop@bristolbeerfactory.co.uk

I live locally. Can I collect or use a local courier?

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Yes! Subscriptions are sent via DPD Next Day Delivery as standard. But if you're in Bristol and would prefer a local courier delivers to you, pop us an email at shop@bristolbeerfactory.co.uk

You can also collect your subscription from the Tap Room - email us before your subscription date (before we dispatch!) and we will make sure it's ready for you.

Can I give a subscription as a gift?

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Yes - but bear in mind you'll be the one responsible for payments and choosing deliveries!

We recommend purchasing an online gift card, which the lucky recipient can use towards subscription payments as they please, giving them full control.

Another great gift is the Bristol Beer Club Membership - a one-off payment for lifetime discounts.

If you have bought (or been given) a subscription and would now like to change the account holder or delivery details, please get in touch with us at shop@bristolbeerfactory.co.uk

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