BBF Core Bottle Range Gets the Filtered Treatment

As drinking habits / preferences change, we need to adapt.

Our bottles have always been ‘bottle conditioned’ (yeast is present in the bottle), the best way to achieve that 'proper' real ale pint at home. However, as more people drink independent craft beers outside of home, in a park, or at the beach with good pals, packing a pint glass for that perfect pour just ain't gunna happen!

We also have to recognise that modern drinkers can be unaware of the delicate pour needed for a bottle conditioned beer (bottle conditioned beer is designed to be poured gently, leaving the final couple of centimetres of yeast-predominant beer in the bottle). We see it on social every single week and filtration is the answer.

Project CORE FILTRATION started around a year ago and after much testing we are happy that we have achieved a true Bristol Beer Factory beer without the need for bottle conditioning.

Grab a pack from our core range - Independence or Southville Hop (with Optimist and Fortitude to follow this Autumn) off the shelves, get ‘em cool, crack open and enjoy anywhere. No need to worry about the pour.

Glass of Bristol Beer Factory by the Docks in Bristol

BBF's focus remains the same, we love independent pubs and venues and shall continue brewing 25+ brand new beers every year ONLY available on draught in the pub.

2020 has introduced a rotation of select Specials into bottle: we started with Well Above Sea Level and followed with Arctic Gates. These specials will REMAIN as bottle conditioned. Mostly sold in independent bottle shops or direct from BBF online, these are true BBF specials for craft beer fans to enjoy at home. Bottle conditioning still has its place!

Big love for drinking BBF.

Support local and get to the pub when you can.


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