Talk Club Collaboration – Open Up!

This project began in early February, a while before we found ourselves in this current situation, however, it soon became clear that the timing was very positive as people were forced to isolate and therefore may be finding times even harder than usual to reach out or convey their struggles.

We caught up with BBF Sales Director, Sam to find out more about Talk Club and how the collaboration came together.

So, for those who may not be aware of Talk Club here is a brief intro to this open & honest organisation.

In its simplest form Talk Club is a male mental fitness movement. They provide a support network and community by hosting talking and listening clubs all over the country and abroad.  It’s here to remind all men that they are not alone, that other men feel exactly the same way they do, and if we share our feelings, we can become mentally strong. With an aim to change the way we look after our mental health and end suicide.


Ben from Talk Club - Bristol Beer Factory

We came together when Ben Akers (Co-founder) approached us looking for space to host the first ever Talk Club meeting. He wanted an environment where men would feel comfortable and be able to take those all-important first steps through the door. The BBF Tap Room on North St is the ideal location for such meetings, a little escape in a natural, calm and conversational environment.

Sam: “As soon as I’d met Ben I knew this was something that I personally wanted to support and something I knew our business should get behind too. This is a critical time for people’s mental wellbeing and it’s incredible to watch Talk Club grow and provide a support network for so many men. I’m very proud that BBF are supporting Talk Club; providing space for meetings, collaborating together making beer, helping to raise awareness and providing much need income for the charity to further its goals. There’s a lot more to come as we continue to support this incredible mental health movement. Watch this space….”

Next up was to create the collab beer, originally this was planned to be launched alongside a screening of Talk Club’s moving film ‘Steve’ in the Tap Room with all profits going towards Talk Club aiding their reach in these early days.

With Talk Club helping men in both the UK and Australia we took inspiration from this and brewed a low ABV dual hop pale celebrating both countries:

OPEN UP - a 3.9% pale ale hopped with both Ella (Aus) and Bramling Cross (our home UK hero hop).

However, things changed with the arrival of Covid-19 and we adapted. OPEN UP was ready but no pubs could get behind the project and the Tap Room’s doors were locked so the transfer from cask to mini-tins commenced. We were then able to provide Talk Club with hundreds of mini-tins for onward sale and in the long run raising a much higher level of funding… all clouds have that silver lining.

Many have enjoyed this pint but if you missed it this is only the beginning of the project between BBF and Talk Club, there is more to come.

Let’s work together to reach out within our craft beer community, help others and know there are great movements such as Talk Club which are there for those in need.

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