We've gone GREEN(er)!

Bristol Beer Factory has just converted all the lighting in the brewery, warehouse and packaging area to energy saving LED lighting.

While it's hard for a brewery to be totally green, we wanted to try to do what we can to be as environmentally conscious as we can.  As part of our brewery expansion we got in touch with the guys at Solarsense to ask them what we could do about our lighting.  The results were clear, apart from its greener credentials, the savings in cost alone made switching to LEDs a no-brainer!

Aside from this, our brewers (& tool-happy MD) are happy that the whole system is now more efficient, tolerant to changes in temperature and gives off less heat in an already kind-of sweaty environment..  It should last much longer than our current equipment and is generally more robust with (hopefully) less maintenance.  AND it contains no hazardous solids, liquids or gases which undoubtedly will be harmful to the environment at some point in its lifespan.  WIN!

So we're feeling pretty smug, what with this and our Diesel/Electric Hybrid truck back on the road delivering beer to our customers we think we're doing alright.

Companies and individuals alike take note - this is not something we want be the only ones doing!  Get in touch with Solarsense or a sustainable solutions provider near you and see what you can do to up your green game.

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