Hellos and goodbyes

Sadly as 2016 drew to a close we said goodbye to one of our senior brewers, Jonny Mills, who set off for pastures new. If you happen to stop by the Salutation Inn in Ham you might just catch him and Genevieve Kaye, our salesgirl extraordinaire, who also sadly left us at the end of last year. We wish them all the best in their new venture.

Tristan Hembrow joined us in early 2017 and has settled in quite nicely thank you, a very talented brewer who will be working closely with Steve in heading up the brewhouse team.

Anna Gilman and Tanya Hazell are manning the taps and shelves in the new Tap Room, pop in for a drink and a chat and they can advise you on the best beers for your tastebuds.

The brand new office has also been given some fresh blood in the form of Clem Elphick and Tom Clermont who are joining Sam in creating a pretty special sales team. Expect to hear their dulcet tones on the phone or in a pub near you soon!

To all our leavers, a fond farewell. To all the newbies, a very warm welcome.