It was 10 years ago in March 2016 that Chris Thurgeson, our brewer at the time, came up the idea of recreating a beer brewed in this very building over 100 years ago.  The beer was our now nationally acclaimed Milk Stout.

We initially thought it would be a one-off brew for a bit of fun to recreate some history for the 2006 CAMRA Bristol Beer Festival.  To our great delight, it was voted the beer of the festival.  Needless to say we carried on brewing it and it won beer of the festival again the following year.  Since then it has surpassed our wildest dreams and in the 10 years we have been brewing it has won 19 major awards and become National Champion in both cask and bottle.  A bottle has even made it all the way to Everest base camp to the delight of the locals!

It is now available in cask, bottle and keg and makes up one of our core range of beers.

Adrian Tierney-Jones, one of Britain’s most noted beer writers, stated – ‘I believe the brewing of the (BBF) Milk Stout in 2006 marks the start of Bristol’s beer renaissance, a time when BBF and the breweries that followed showed that they were not content to come up with golden ales, bitters and the odd wheat beer and stout. By looking back the brewery was looking forward.’