After many months of deliberating, designing, playing with poster paints, discussing and designing some more we are now finally ready to launch our new range of bottle labels.
We are very proud of the new designs, thanks to Miller Design for taking us from adolescence into the world of grown up.
The new labels will be released into the trade brand by brand as we make more beer and can attach these little beauties to new stock. Watch this space to find out which is the latest brand to receive a makeover and be released into a shop or bar near you.

In celebration of our new styled bottle labels we are having a little fun competition each time we release a brand. The first person to send in a photo of that brand in the place they bought it to will win a case of that brand.
As only Ultimate Stout is currently out in the trade, the first person to get a photo to us of an Ultimate Stout bottle with the new label will win a case delivered to their door....lucky you!!