4.4% ABV


Above Water is our Bristol Red.

Like our home city, this beer is a vibrant brew with worldwide influences. It starts with top-quality European malts and is brought to life by Sticklebract hops from New Zealand.

For a deep red malt bill, we’ve used supreme Belgian malt, Chateau Arome, German malt, Weyerman CaraRed alongside Vienna, Crystal and classic, British Maris Otter.

A popular choice within the New Zealand brewing scene, Sticklebract brings classic Kiwi hop flavours of pine and citrus. To give Above Water a bit more depth, we have paired Sticklebract with American Simcoe; added at the end of the boil, it will enhance the piney flavour and bring some grapefruit and herbaceous flavours.

This is a Bristol red with great hoppy bitterness, a lustrous red hue and loads of character.

ALLERGENS:  Wheat & barley malt

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Californian Steam Beer

4.9% abv

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